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Web Design

Web Design

A good website will make your customers satisfied and will grab their attention more often. This will make good traffic to you site an eventually will keep your business venture on top of their preferred shops.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

A business with ample graphics design not only looks good, but appears to be more interesting than those who don’t have it. A great design keeps your business ideas intact and delivers the message you want to send to your customers in an enticing visual manner.

Project Quote

Project Quote Calculator

Get accurate website design pricing for your business with our free website design cost calculator. Just select what your company needs and click “See Pricing” to get an estimate instantly.

DIY Options


Sometimes, you have the skillset to use the photo or video editing programs but you only need a template to get the job done.   We’ve included templates in our digital market place to facilitate our Do It Yourself clients.

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Website Design Customization by 360MagneticSolutions.com in Houston, Texas

Website Design Customization

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Mobile Site Design

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Data Recovery and Backup Plan

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Monthly Maintenance

Cyber Security

Creating a safe spot in the virtual world is no laughing matter

Creating designs that stand out is our passion. Helping you get the results you want for your business is our mission. We understand that web design service is a personalized thing- your business must rise to the top, and we have been consistently doing this for every client we help.

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Web Design

The World Wide Web is the playground of the entire globe when it comes to just about anything you can think of, businesses and shops included. Hence, a physical store might not be enough for a growing enterprise to manage. It needs the support of a reliable website to reach customers from far areas, even from overseas. A website will also provide you with an easy one-go-to area about your products and services. In your website, you can talk to your customers, provide a venue for displaying your entire catalog, ask for customer reviews, get feedback for products and the actually buy and sell transaction via online bank partners.

Web Design Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will my website take a long time to be ready?

It may depend on some factors. The type of content, the number of pages, the design complexity and the functionality features all add up to the factors affecting the length of website creation. Generally speaking, a fully functional website with customizations based on client inputs may take no more than 4 weeks to complete, sometimes the deadline can be extended if there are extra revisions or extra time allocated for client input or an unforeseen circumstance. True to our commitment to client satisfaction, we will keep in mind the deadlines you have set and try our best to stick to that timeframe if it is reasonably attainable.

2. How much would I send for my website?

Our Websites start at $500. We fully understand the importance of budget planning which is why we post our prices online, whenever possible.

3. Can I take a peek at my website while it is being developed?

Of course! The work we do is for you; you are the client and you have the right to check on the visual goings-on of your new website. It is even strongly encouraged that you check on the site through a username and password that we will provide for your easy access.

4. Will my website work on mobile devices?

Yes, they will. We take careful steps to ensure that the websites we create are also mobile device-friendly and can be fully functional on a mobile phone.

5. Which payment options are available?

Credit Card or Stripe or Zelle Pay

We require 50%  of the project total as a deposit before we get started.

6. What is the difference between the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond website design packages?

On the Web Design Cost Calculator you’ll notice that you can choose between Gold, Platinum, and Diamond for complexity type.


  • Gold is a basic website that doesn’t allow anyone besides you, the Owner, to login.
  • Platinum is site that allows your employees to login.
  • Diamond is a full-fledged Membership site that allows your employees, vendors, and customers to login.
7. What is Photo-Sourcing?

Photo-Sourcing is when we find high quality and appropriate pictures to place on your site. 

Sometimes, we can use the pictures you provide if they are high quality.

A high quality picture is defined by more than just a photo taken by a high quality camera, it has to do with the lighting, the clarity, and the overall professionalism of the picture.  

8. What is an Image Slider?

An Image Slider is a photo carousel or slide show of various images that rotate from image to image at pre-defined intervals.

9. What is a Mock-up?

A “Mock-up” is a design. We know that some of our clients want to see different designs for their websites, so by default, we offer 2 different website designs.

9. What is a Pricing Table?

A “pricing table” is a pricing grid or price matrix.



Business Cards


Product Labels


"My business is unique, important and will rise to the very top."

This is the message that needs to be relayed to your customers, colleagues and competitors. To effectively get this message across your clientele, you need enhancements on your overall business enterprise.

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Graphic Design

A business without a logo is destined to be easily forgotten by consumers. A business with sloppy ads tends to be remembered for the sloppiness, not for their products. A business with a jumbled-up brand name simply cannot be understood by the potential customers.

Graphic Design Frequently Asked Question

1. How does the design process work?

Upon verification of the contract and your desire to let us handle your project, we first hold meetings with you to discuss in-depth what you want to be done. This is also the perfect time for a brainstorming session between you and us. Next, we hold our own internal meetings to discuss client needs and what we can do to enhance the ideas you gave us. We then proceed with the actual work, giving you updates from time to time and letting you approve certain areas of the work before moving on to the next. This goes on until we submit a final design for you to approve; and then the project is commenced and the designs will finally be sent to you through your chosen medium.

2. Can I actively participate during the design process?

Yes, of course. From the very start of the project, we hold meetings with the client and encourage them to bring in illustrations, pictures, color swatches, and fonts that they’ve been thinking about. From there, we continuously include clients in the actual designing process, asking them to approve certain parts of the ongoing work before it is actually included in the finished products. When the final design work is ready, it is shown to the client for final approval before it is released and given to the client through the mediums stipulated upon in the contract of agreement. This service is for you; you have the right to put your ideas into it!

3. How much do you charge for your various services?

Everything is based on flat fees.  Please see the pricing matrix.

4. What kinds of technology do you use to create your projects?

Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator

5. Will the artwork for my projects be mine once the final designs are done?

Yes, the completed design project will be yours upon the receipt of the full payment for the entire project.

6. How do I receive my final designs?

We will send you the final copies of your finished designs via e-mail or We-Transfer.com

If you have any other media in mind, feel free to tell us.

7. Which payment options do you most prefer?

Credit Card or PayPal or Zelle Pay

We require 50%  of the project total as a deposit before we get started. The only exception is if your project is financed through PayPal financing.  In that scenario, PayPal will deposit 100% of the project’s total with 360 Magnetic Solutions.

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