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Automotive Dealership Marketing

Target People You Know Are Looking To Buy A Car ….. Now

GeoTargeting marketing can get car dealerships in front of car shoppers who are at least 80% likely to be looking to purchase a vehicle within a couple weeks.


GeoTargeting marketing allows car dealerships to target people who have visited both your own dealerships but more importantly your direct competitor’s car dealerships potentially serving up car specials and deals to people who are in the market looking to buy a car. Not in the market in a few months from now. But are in the market right now looking to buy a car.

Addressable “Household” GeoTargeting

Similar to geofencing direct competitors, now you can geofence individual households as long as you have their address, city, state, and zip code.

So if you have a list of people in your CRM database with leases expiring in the next 2 – 3 months, you can upload that list into an addressable geofencing campaign. That same direct mail campaign you’re running can be complemented with addressable geofencing marketing. The granular nature of this type of geofencing only enhances all your existing marketing campaigns.

Site Retargeting

Nothing is better than making your existing marketing ef­forts work smarter. So we always recommend a site retargeting campaign in which you continue serving Ads to people who have visited your website in the past 1 – 2 months. Whether you’re doing geofencing, Google Adwords, SEO, or other forms of marketing, site retargeting will ensure all your offline and online channels are being maximized.

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